Restore Nature Protest. 28.9.23

Chris Packham and Emma Buckmaster at the Restore Nature ProtestI joined Chris Packham and 80 different NGO’s in Westminster to campaign for Nature.

A pay rise for nature. Farmers need greater support to help nature and manage over 70% of UK land – we want to see double the current budget for nature-friendly farming.
Make polluters pay. Big business contributes to nature’s decline and should contribute to nature’s recovery.
A Public Nature Estate. Just 3% of the land and 8% of English waters are protected for nature. We want rapid action to expand and improve protected areas.
A National Nature Service. A National Nature Service would create thousands of green jobs as well as a healthier society.
A right to a healthy environment. Limited access to nature and pollution in the air and water affects everyone’s health. An Environmental Rights Bill would drive better decisions for nature and improve public health.