Suffolk County Council Cuts Arts Funding

Suffolk County Council cuts Arts FundingTHE GUARDIAN – Thu 4 Jan 2024

“Arts organisations have called on Suffolk county council (SCC) to reconsider a proposed 100% cut to its culture budget. As part of its plans to make £64.7m in savings over two years, the council announced on Wednesday that it will stop core funding of £500,000 to art and museum sector organisations from April 2025. A shared statement from local organisations affected by the decision said the cut would make an “extremely modest difference” to the council’s overall finances but have a “huge impact” on communities across the county.Emma Buckmaster, Green party prospective parliamentary candidate for Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, said it was “a shocking proposal … that will do lasting damage to the arts in Suffolk”.Full details of the council’s financial plans – which include a 4.99% increase in council tax – will be presented to its scrutiny committee on 11 January.”

Chris Wiegand Stage editor

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Restore Nature Protest. 28.9.23

Restore Nature Protest. 28.9.23

Chris Packham and Emma Buckmaster at the Restore Nature ProtestI joined Chris Packham and 80 different NGO’s in Westminster to campaign for Nature.

A pay rise for nature. Farmers need greater support to help nature and manage over 70% of UK land – we want to see double the current budget for nature-friendly farming.
Make polluters pay. Big business contributes to nature’s decline and should contribute to nature’s recovery.
A Public Nature Estate. Just 3% of the land and 8% of English waters are protected for nature. We want rapid action to expand and improve protected areas.
A National Nature Service. A National Nature Service would create thousands of green jobs as well as a healthier society.
A right to a healthy environment. Limited access to nature and pollution in the air and water affects everyone’s health. An Environmental Rights Bill would drive better decisions for nature and improve public health.